Did Psychiatric Drug Cause Navy Yard Tragedy?

Finally the TRUTH may soon get out that PSYCHIATRIC drugs cause these senseless acts of violence.

Congress is investigating whether prescription medications, namely, TRAZODONE, played a role in the massacre at the Washington Navy Yard.

Since Alexis chose the Navy Yard for his rampage, the federal government is now forced to investigate.

Until now, there has been no federal investigation on the link between PSYCHOTROPICS and VIOLENCE!

The drug in question is apparently TRAZODONE, which Alexis received for insomnia. TRAZODONE is an antidepressant often used to treat insomnia but proven to cause suicidal thinking (the demise of our son), panic attacks, mania, and aggressive behavior. This psychotherapeutic is directly linked with several murder cases in the past six years, including a 2011 mass shooting.

Congress Investigating Trazodone’s Role in Shootings


Adam Lanza’s Medical Records Refused

Update on Adam Lanza’s Medical Records

Adam Lanza’s Medical Records Still Refused

A big thank you to Ablechild for working so hard at getting the TRUTH out there. Continue the good work!

It should be clear by now that ANTIDEPRESSANTS are the cause of the violence we keep hearing and seeing about. Why won’t they release this information to us? Are they afraid it will confirm the TRUTH about these drugs? Our son died after taking one of them and that’s just one too many deaths of the thousands before him and the millions to come after him. Wake up!

Naval Yard Shooting: Update: TRAZODONE

Please follow the link in blue below for an update that Ann Blake-Tracy, the leading authority on all these issues surrounding the SSRI antidepressants, has written concerning the tragic Naval Yard Shooting.

 She has done extensive research in selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or “antidepressants”. She has specialized since 1990 in adverse reactions to serotonergic medications like TRAZODONE, and has testified before the FDA and congressional subcommittee members on antidepressants.

TRAZODONE Linked To Naval Yard Shooting

If you want more information about Ann and her mission, would like to find out more about these dangerous antipsychotic drugs, or find a way to come off these drugs, please go to: http://www.drugawareness.org/

Navy Yard Shooter on Antidepressant Trazodone

Our hearts go out to the victims and families of this senseless, and what we believe was a totally avoidable tragedy, in Washington DC’s Naval Yard.

Today as we watched the story unfold on CNN we heard about the type of person Aaron’s stepfather said he was. He had recently been treated for insomnia, and it was said that Aaron was hearing voices coming though the walls. We couldn’t help but think that this sounded a lot like what was going on with our own daughter when she was given Trazodone, an antidepressant, that is Not approved by the FDA to be used as a sleep medication. So we searched the internet and found this article on the CCHR web site that confirmed our suspicions.

Aaron Alexis was another victim of antipsychotic drug induced violence. His family and friends are left trying to figure out what happened. I feel so bad for his mother. She said in her statement to the media that she doesn’t have any idea why this could have happened and probably never will.

Our hopes and prayers are that this information finds its’ way to his mother so she can find some resolve in knowing that her son would very likely not have committed this horrific act had it not been for an antidepressant induced psychosis, just as we found out after our son took his life.

Our son took the antidepressant Trazodone thinking it was a sleep aid as did Aaron Alexis, and we agree with Kelly Patricia O’Meara, the author of this featured article, that it is time to point the finger at those who are responsible! It is time to take the necessary actions to protect the American people!

It Is The Common Link To The Truth

Making a Killing: The Untold story of Psychotropic Drugging

This documentary film, Sponsored by the Civil Commission on Human Rights, with a cast of highly educated professionals, ranging from the psychiatric and medical fields, to lawyers, government officials and former drug company insiders and sales representatives.

They bring you the Unbiased Truth about what, how, and why the Drug companies are using their Psychotropic Drugs to create billions in profit with their Propaganda, without any moral concern for the toll on humanity through the Suffering and Deaths of Thousands Yearly, along with the Devastation of those that are left behind.

Please take the time to view, think about, and comment on this presentation before you or someone you care about becomes a victim!


Wake-Up $$$ They’re Destroying Our Children Now To Increase Their Bottom Line $$$

These Drug Dealers decided that there is much more Profit to be made by Re-Defining being a child with all their inquisitiveness, mischievous actions, and rowdy behavior, which are all a part of the developing mind, as being a form of Mental Dis-function or Disease, they can make Millions more in profits. They are now pumping our children with amphetamines and antidepressants while deceiving the people into thinking that they are curing them of some disabling dis-function or disease of the mind. Wake-Up people! The Only Thing they are Curing them of Is Childhood!

This song by Chill E. B. called Define Better tells it like it is.

You should also check out his song called Prove It that you can go to from this YouTube page.

Component { #1 } of Jonnys Law

That it be Mandated that the Unethical practice of Prescribing, Administering and Identifying of any Prescription Drug as something it has Not been Specifically Tested and Approved for by the FDA, a practice commonly known as Off Label Prescribing be deemed illegal. To allow this to go on results in nothing less than allowing Psychiatrists and Doctors to continue this unethical practice of Using the General Public as Guinea Pigs.

That this be Stringently Enforced with Legal  Consequences, both (civil and criminal,)  for the violation thereof.