Pharmafia: An Interview With Peter Gotzsche

Big Pharma…Pharmafia…How fitting.

Take a look at the information contained in this video.

Gotzche is Co-Founder of The Cochrane Collaboration, and Director of the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

When you discover that the business model is organized crime and when you find out that it’s far worse than mafia crime, because the drug industry steals much more money from the public purse than the mafia can ever do and they kill far, far more people. And we also know that they do this knowingly. As soon as they have their income and as soon as people don’t protest too much, it doesn’t really matter that people die. So, isn’t it pretty natural that you feel that this knowledge should come out to people?

Book by Peter Gotzche: Deadly MEDICINES and Organized CRIME How big pharma has corrupted healthcare

Psychiatry + Big Pharma = Deceit

In 2009, Fox News aired a story that blew the lid off of the corrupted world of psychiatric medicine with how the pharmaceutical industry is pushing dangerous psychotropic drugs on to the unsuspecting public.

But Nobody Listened

It’s now 2013, and the Death, Violence, and damage to people has continued to escalate at an alarming rate. This coincides with sales, through misleading information, and off-label prescribing.

Because of Big Pharma’s scam of Death for Profit, along with Dr. Kooikers’ greed fueled deception of our family and manipulation of our daughter just to sell her an intentionally mislabeled antidepressant, on March 27th, 2012, our son became another casualty.

It’s time to acknowledge the Truth and make your voice be heard.

They have found a way to allow medical professionals to Lie to you about what they are prescribing with No Consequence or Liability when the results become Damaging or Deadly.

DON’T Blindly Trust Your Doctor!

DON’T Trust the Bottles Label!

DON’T Become the Next Victim!

A Mother’s Antidepressant WARNING

Maria Bradshaw lost her only child to SSRI antidepressant induced suicide in 2008.  She turned her personal tragedy into a crusade to help other parents learn of the dangers of antidepressant drugs. She was the first mother I found with the same story, and that is, we both lost our son’s to a senseless horrific drug induced suicide. No mother should have to go through this. It has to stop. We will walk hand in hand across the continents till all know the TRUTH!

Teen Screen

Pharmaceutical industry payments go to government officials for the purpose of implementing a national mental health screening plan and psychotropic drug treatment program.

This video describes pharma funding and the psycho/pharma agenda behind this mental health “screening” of schoolchildren. You have the right to be informed of their plans and Don’t have to let your kids be subjected to this screening.

Please Don’t let them fool you into believing that your child is mentally ill based on some school survey, and Don’t let their developing young minds be subjected needlessly to these dangerous psych drugs!

Do your Research, Know the TRUTH!

Psychiatry Labeling Kids With Bogus Mental Disorders

Let kids be kids!

Raise a child in the way he should go. Quit drugging our children looking for a quick fix to normal childhood. Be aware that alot of schools are giving your children questionaires so they can label them with a “mental illness” thus providing the “fix” with dangerous psychotropic drugs. Child drugging is a $4.8 billion-a-year industry.  Get the facts about this multi-billion dollar industry that is labeling and drugging kids for profit.

The drugging of kids 0-5 years old

From birth to age five, more than One Million Children are on psychiatric drugs!

What I would like to know is that when an infant cry’s too much, won’t eat his pea’s, repeatedly breaks his toys, won’t sit quietly and pay attention, acts shy when around strangers, is afraid to or cry’s about having to go to kindergarten, along with all the other everyday attributes of young children.

Why would any Parent let themselves be led to believe that their Child is Suffering from “mental illness”  and needs to be placed on Psychotropic Drugs so that they can be Normal children again!

Please Don’t let anybody convince you that this is how to Love and Care for them!

Songs From The Locked Ward

Thanks go out to Daniel Mackler, a filmmaker, writer and musician who is a welcome advocate in our common cause to get the word out about these dangerous psychotropic drugs and the pill-popping care of Psychiatry.

Macklers’ lyrical satire Screams at the Problem Humanity is Facing because of Big Pharma and their Drug Pushing Dealers, while they continue with their twisted ideal of “Hey why let the TRUTH get in the way of our profits”

Plus we all need a little humor!

You can find more music and information by Daniel Mackler on his site.

Sucessful Healing of Psychosis

An Alternative Approach to Healing Psychosis

The Finnish have certainly got it right. The status quot in psychiatric treatment, driven by the major drug manufacturers, simply just doesn’t work!

Their approach in Finland, to healing psychosis, has always been the proper way to deal with mental disorders and their causes. We, here in the United States, and  also worldwide, must work to adopt “their” ideals in psychiatric treatment. We should seek this approach in our own lives and also direct those we care about to adopt this way of healing.

They have an 85% recovery rate with this approach, “while in America”  when hospitalized for mental disorders their right to refuse to take these psychotropic drugs is taken away or met with discharge and denial of care. In Finland their “Democratic System” allows People  to have Their Say about their Own Treatment!

The way in which the mental health professionals have decided to blindly go along with this “so called diagnosing” peoples every day problems as “mental illness” and prescribing these “extremely dangerous” psychotropic medications as a “cure” for emotional distress or medical conditions “without testing for the underlying causes” has to be looked at and changed!

We must all demand to be informed by our doctors of the Exact nature, class, and dangers of the drugs that we are being prescribed along with All of the methods in which we can be brought back to health!

We Must Have A Say In Our Own Treatment!

Please click below to view the trailer to “Open Dialogue” a documentary film produced by Daniel Mackler

Treatment Reform Breakthrough

Another advocate for mental health treatment reform shared this link with us showing a breakthrough in bringing the TRUTH about Big Pharma’s lies about Psychotropic Drugs. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has recognized extensive research showing an 80% success rate in recovery from Schizophrenia and other psychosises. This has been proven through long term research and been put into practice, thus showing that the greatest chances for recovery from mental health issues can be achieved without ever prescribing psychotropic drugs or at least making them a last resort. This is great news for people suffering from mental health issues and bad news for Big Pharma and it’s efforts to create lifetime addicts.

NIMH Director Acknowledges The Truth