Component { #1 } of Jonnys Law

That it be Mandated that the Unethical practice of Prescribing, Administering and Identifying of any Prescription Drug as something it has Not been Specifically Tested and Approved for by the FDA, a practice commonly known as Off Label Prescribing be deemed illegal. To allow this to go on results in nothing less than allowing Psychiatrists and Doctors to continue this unethical practice of Using the General Public as Guinea Pigs.

That this be Stringently Enforced with Legal  Consequences, both (civil and criminal,)  for the violation thereof.

2 thoughts on “Component { #1 } of Jonnys Law

  1. I agree that this criminal act of deceptive drugging must be stopped or the killing of people without consequence will continue to grow.
    Although I tried to refuse, Doctor Ann Kookier of Otsego MN, manipulated me into getting a drug called Trazodone that I didn’t want and lied to me about what it actually was and never said a word about its deadly side effects. Her unethical actions resulted in my suffering prescription drug induced insanity and when my brother who was the rock of the family found it and took them thinking they were safe sleeping pills he too was driven insaine and after only about a month of use killed himself with a shotgun.
    I am still trying to come to terms with living with this unbearable loss of my brother, which is the hardest thing I have ever done in this life. But not without saying Fuck You Ann Kookier you murderer!
    You deserve to live your life without a job, alone and rejected for the evil that you’ve done to us and probably so many others.
    True karma would be served if you and every other doctor and nurse that make their living by abusing, deceiving, and manipulating vulnerable people, like the people at Cambridge Medical Center that tried to kill my father, would end their lives in total hopelessness by sticking a gun in their mouth and pulling the trigger.

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