Developments in Newtown CT

I followed this incident from the 1st reports that the shooter was being treated for depression (which disappeared from the news) to, they were going to check the home for medical evidence (then said there was no evidence found) to where the shooters autopsy reports were to be sealed for six months because it was an open investigation (then noted that when released that only the autopsy would be released but the toxicology reports would remain sealed) hiding weather or not he was on  antidepressants.

We also received a phone call from a lady that I won’t identify, for her safety, because threats and intimidation being directed towards her and her family to keep quiet about what was going on in her families life and her beliefs of what was really being covered-up, and it wasn’t Gun or Child control.  Although not televised after going to our web-site she decided to let her voice be heard.

So she attended and spoke at the Bipartisan Task Force Public Hearing placing the importance of truth above her personal fears. Since then, because of her courage and what I believe to be Gods hand in this, there are many people crying out for the Truth and not blindly accepting what I believe to be misleading propaganda which has led people away from the one underlying common denominator behind almost all of these school shootings, which is adolescents either being on SSRI’s or going through  withdrawals (intentionally re-identified as discontinuation syndrome) from this group of drugs.