Did Psychiatric Drug Cause Navy Yard Tragedy?

Finally the TRUTH may soon get out that PSYCHIATRIC drugs cause these senseless acts of violence.

Congress is investigating whether prescription medications, namely, TRAZODONE, played a role in the massacre at the Washington Navy Yard.

Since Alexis chose the Navy Yard for his rampage, the federal government is now forced to investigate.

Until now, there has been no federal investigation on the link between PSYCHOTROPICS and VIOLENCE!

The drug in question is apparently TRAZODONE, which Alexis received for insomnia. TRAZODONE is an antidepressant often used to treat insomnia but proven to cause suicidal thinking (the demise of our son), panic attacks, mania, and aggressive behavior. This psychotherapeutic is directly linked with several murder cases in the past six years, including a 2011 mass shooting.

Congress Investigating Trazodone’s Role in Shootings