Dr. Oz This Week Antidepressants

This week on The Dr. Oz Show, was what he called one of the most important shows of the year. It’s titled “The Truth About Antidepressants”. Please take the time to watch it with his renowned guests, Dr. Drew Pinsky MD, an addiction specialists and the psychiatrist  Dr. Daniel Amen. This is not only important information for the general public but also for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, MD’s, Pharmacologists, and anyone in the field of Medical Practice

Listen To The Truth

4 thoughts on “Dr. Oz This Week Antidepressants

  1. Antidepressants are killing me and all my friends I am so scared. I live in Australia.

    • I know things are Really Really Bad in Australia.
      I read and hear the Horror stories about the Corruption down there way too much. You are right. It is scary.
      I just lost another long time friend to suicide last week. He had always been the stable and strong one that that people turned to and was successful with friends all over the country. Although not being family I can’t get his medical information, from friends that had known him for 40 – 50 years It seems that after a “Medical” health issue He was put on Psych-Drugs to help him with his distress over the medical issues.
      The more you know about How people are being sucked into the system and how to avoid letting doctors play Shrink when you see them for a “Medical Issue” the less you’ll have to fear. You know the only way you could be further away is if you were in Pango-Pango but there are others trying to deal with fear of and Harm they have suffered (some on my F B friends list) that are in your country and there is a CCHR Headquarters down there that may be able to help at least with info. about what’s happening and how to deal with the Australian Psych system. I hope this was helpful Sincerely: Michael

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