Sucessful Healing of Psychosis

An Alternative Approach to Healing Psychosis

The Finnish have certainly got it right. The status quot in psychiatric treatment, driven by the major drug manufacturers, simply just doesn’t work!

Their approach in Finland, to healing psychosis, has always been the proper way to deal with mental disorders and their causes. We, here in the United States, and  also worldwide, must work to adopt “their” ideals in psychiatric treatment. We should seek this approach in our own lives and also direct those we care about to adopt this way of healing.

They have an 85% recovery rate with this approach, “while in America”  when hospitalized for mental disorders their right to refuse to take these psychotropic drugs is taken away or met with discharge and denial of care. In Finland their “Democratic System” allows People  to have Their Say about their Own Treatment!

The way in which the mental health professionals have decided to blindly go along with this “so called diagnosing” peoples every day problems as “mental illness” and prescribing these “extremely dangerous” psychotropic medications as a “cure” for emotional distress or medical conditions “without testing for the underlying causes” has to be looked at and changed!

We must all demand to be informed by our doctors of the Exact nature, class, and dangers of the drugs that we are being prescribed along with All of the methods in which we can be brought back to health!

We Must Have A Say In Our Own Treatment!

Please click below to view the trailer to “Open Dialogue” a documentary film produced by Daniel Mackler