Antidepressants And Suicide:
The S.A.V.E. Project
The Truth With Years of Research
Rate of Suicide among people taking antidepressants
From the Coroner’s Office
Why Antidepressants Cause Suicidal Behavior
1 in 10 At Risk for Suicide
10 year old’s Suicide

Rethink Psychiatric Care:
Can a Video Save Your (or Your Child’s) Life?
Mad in America
Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging
Antidepressants Should Be Last Resort
Dr. Chris Rasmussen
NIMH Director Acknowledges The Truth

SSRI Research & Survivor Stories:
Dr. David Healy
Rosie Meysenburgs’ SSRI Stories

School Violence and Antidepressants:
School Shootings and Antidepressants 1st Exposed
School Shootings And Psychotropic Drugs
Sandy Hook – Patrica Sabato

History, Psychiatry and FDA:
Is History Repeating Itself?
FDA Black Box Warning

The U.S. Military & Psychotropic Drugs
Psychiatric Drugs and War
Treatment Becomes Frankenpharmacy
Drugging Our Troops
Creating Super-Soldiers
The Truth Behind Military Suicides

Antidepressant Legal Help-Actions & Advocacy:
SSRI Lawsuit Lawyer Recall Attorney
Advocate Help
MD Advocate
Criminal Investigations

Doctor Kickbacks:
Prescriptions and Kickbacks
Massive Medical Fraud Exposed

Off-Lable Medications:
Off-Label use Problems
FDA Warnings / Black Box Drugs
Doctors Use People as Guinea Pigs with FDA approved Drugs
Off-Label Use of Risky Antipsychotic Drugs
Trazodone for Insomnia/Caution!
Trazodone as a Sleep Aid Why?

Pharmaceutical Companies:
Antipsychotic Mfg. Big $ Marketing to Psychiatrists
Pharmaceutical Company Control & Modern Psychiatry
Pharmaceutical Co. Paid Doctors to Prescribe Drugs
The War on Drugs

Full Prescribing Information
Trazodone and Suicide

Suicide Is Not The Answer:
Don’t Cold Turkey Your Meds.
Seek Help

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