“Pharmaceutical Deception”

I wrote this after reading a post put out by CCHR International that was written by the award winning author and investigative journalist Kelly Patricia O’Meara addressing BigPharma’s Propaganda about the FDA’s “labeling requirement” that mandated that a Black Box Warning for “suicidal” and “homicidal” side effects of antidepressants be placed on the label.

This is just another level of the conspiracy of the pharmaceutical industry to deceive the people and manipulate our government into supporting their GREED driven need to increase their $$bottom line$$ with No Regard for the SUFFERING, DEATH and DESTRUCTION of HUMANITY that they leave in their wake.

For years the drug industry has been using what I believe can be plainly seen as Unethical if not illegal lobbyist activities and bribed legislation through campaign contributions. It took years of work by groups and individuals at great personal and financial expense (Not Profit) to lift the Vail of BigPharma’s Propaganda. One of the people whose testimony with the FDA was pivotal in 2004 that resulted in the LAW that a (Black Box Warning be Placed On The LABEL) for drug induced Suicidal ideation was Ann Blake-Tracy. Since then their efforts were diminished when the “Black Box” warning was allowed to be taken off the package. From the research that we’ve done the ???Logic??? or ???Excuse??? used, was that it’s for the benefit of the people, so that the Label would be Less Cluttered and Easier to Read and Understand by RE-DEFINING the word LABEL so as  to “Exclude the Bottle”, and now mean any accompanying literature, or the Paperwork placed in or attached to the bag.

—-Think about it —-

Following this logic should we not also remove the SKULL and CROSSBONES from all poisonous containers and only put it on the package insert or box to make the Labels easier to read and understand?

—-Think about it—-

There are people right now that probably are Not Buying Poisons and Toxic Substances that could benefit them just because of the Clutter and Confusion that is being caused by those Toxic Substance and Poison Warnings that are cluttering up the Labels.

—-It should also be noted—-

It has been my experience, Psychotropics, unlike Narcotics, which are always identified both by the Doctor and the Pharmacist as such and are labeled with warnings for the most severe adverse effects, Antidepressants and Anti-Psychotics, are Never labeled with the legally required warnings and are only Identified by the brand name like “Prozac” or it’s generic name “fluoxetine”.

I suppose that this is for our benefit, so people won’t have to worry about being embarrassed when others are looking through their private medicine cabinets or that people that won’t get a good nights rest just because they see a Black Box Warning on the label or read that label and find out that a drug like EFFEXOR that their doctor had told them was a sleeping pill is actually an SNRI type Antidepressant only tested and FDA  approved for treatment of Major Depressive Disorder.

Another thing that needs to be answered by our State and Federal authorities, is why with it having been written and expressed in several ways since John F. Kennedy signed into (Law) the Kefauver-Harris Amendments in 1962,  ensuring  that, “No Drug shall be Prescribed, Administered or Dispensed, for any purpose other than that which it has been tested and  approved for use by the FDA”.  With after 50+ years, Kefauver-Harris is still being celebrated as the benchmark for Legal and Ethical practices, why then is it ??Legal?? and common practice for any ??Qualified Medical Professional?? from a “nurse practitioner” and on up, to take any antidepressant / anti-psychotic, for example “TRAZODONE” Only approved by the FDA for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Re-identify and Prescribe or Administer it as a sleeping pill, just because one of its many “adverse side-effects” is extreme drowsiness requiring it to be administered at bed time or when normal activities can be avoided.

It’s in direct contradiction to the law or is it?

This obviously Unethical and sometimes Lethal  practice is nothing less than “HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION” and is somehow considered Legal even though that through the use of “simple logic” it would be easily understood  to imply that it would be illegal for any member of the medical community to take a drug that has been identified with a “specific classification” (antidepressant), and approved for a “specific use” (Major Depressive Disorder) to at will choose to “intentionally omit” its classification and re-identify, promote or prescribe it as a pain, sleep or other type of medication. This legislation clearly states that FDA approval for its intended use is required yet because it doesn’t “specifically state” that (Once FDA approved “no drug” shall be used, identified or promoted as another type of medication except when identified as an experimental treatment “without full informed consent” from the patient or his/her legal proxy when the patient is unable to understand or sign due to his or her current medical or psychological state.)

There are Safety Guidelines in place which Require that the patient be Fully Informed and Sign a written agreement before being given a drug that hasn’t been properly FDA approved yet, but since our government supports this, there are no civil or criminal consequences when someone is injured or killed.

This practice has become so widespread that there are thousands if not millions of self appointed “Dr. Mengele’s” out there using their patients as Guinea Pigs.

—-Think about it —-

If this is Ethical, Legal and Safe, then why aren’t they taking other drugs like “Morphine” which also has a well documented “Side Effect” of causing “drowsiness”,  and first Removing the Narcotics identification from the label along with the other warnings, and replacing the name “Morphine” with some catchy Brand Name like “Mor-Sleep”. Then they could put some TV adds out there so people will Remember to Ask their Doctor to Prescribe them some,

“So that there is a Bottle in Every Home”

A bottle that is free from all those Confusing and Cluttered Warnings all over the Label so that You or Your Children (LIKE OUR SON JONATHAN) can find something that is (SAFE) to take “just in case” they are having a rough time getting to Sleep!

Now just think of the Benefits that this would bring to Humanity, and it’s simple to do because everything is in place and it’s all Legal if all things are considered equal.

Well how am I doing?

Do you think I could get a job working for BigPharma? I could use the money ‘cuz the Disability Checks I get just can’t compare to the money that is being made by Deceiving people and spreading Propaganda.

In case you’re wondering why I’m on disability, it’s due to the Brain Damage I suffered because of the drug “Prozac” that was given to me “Off Label” and Without our Knowledge, under the generic name “fluoxetine” by a V.A. psychiatrist, “Dr. Daniel R. Hanson PHD” after being told by my wife and I that it was given to me years before and had taken me from being stressed over a heavy work load to attempting Suicide in a matter of weeks, but he was “Never” held civilly or criminally responsible because all he had to do was “Falsify my Records” and say that both I and my Wife were Liars and by the Magical Powers of the letters “PHD” I instantly became a delusional, multi- drug addicted addict, and did so even with verifiable hospital test results on file  proving that there were “No Drugs,  (Street or Prescription) In My System”. Isn’t it just amazing how the mystical powers of Psychiatry and their weapons, (oh, sorry I mean medicine) can alter reality of an x-military missile systems technician with a college degree in electronics.

—-Just think ——

All it took was about a week or so of “Prozac” to erase from my mind most of a lifetime of memories along with electronic and mathematical abilities.   I at least still have a fairly high IQ but was unfortunately left with a lifetime of traumatic memories that the Prozac didn’t seem to affect. Had any ONE of the Safeguards Not been eliminated, our son, Jonathan Robert Midlo, would be alive today and the turmoil and anguish that has been a part of our daily lives  since March 27th, 2012  would not be the reality that we have been forced to live with.

There is “no doubt” that if the bottle would have been labeled as an Antidepressant he would be alive today.

You see it was our son Jonathan that found me and dragged me out of the 1980 Impala during my “Prozac Induced” suicide attempt and had been the main person helping me by acting as my memory since I suffered brain damage as a result of a psychiatrist, (Dr. Daniel R. Hanson) who, knowing that I couldn’t be given Prozac, placed me on “Fluoxitine” the generic form of “Prozac” to help me deal with my end stage liver disease.

(Our son would have Never touched an Antidepressant)

Jonnybob obviously wasn’t worried about a simple sleeping pill that (according to the label) was no more dangerous than the Melatonin that he had run out of.

If they hadn’t removed the Black Box warning from the label, Our son Jonathan, would have been a firefighting E. M. T. instead of a buried box of ashes with a homemade grave marker.

We would have been working on the race car we had built him over the last 2 years. Instead there’s a 500 horse 440cu inch engine and 4-speed tranny sitting in the garage while I try to figure out how to build this www.jonnyslaw.org web-site as a memorial to him and a way to give his death purpose.

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