Pharmafia: An Interview With Peter Gotzsche

Big Pharma…Pharmafia…How fitting.

Take a look at the information contained in this video.

Gotzche is Co-Founder of The Cochrane Collaboration, and Director of the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

When you discover that the business model is organized crime and when you find out that it’s far worse than mafia crime, because the drug industry steals much more money from the public purse than the mafia can ever do and they kill far, far more people. And we also know that they do this knowingly. As soon as they have their income and as soon as people don’t protest too much, it doesn’t really matter that people die. So, isn’t it pretty natural that you feel that this knowledge should come out to people?

Book by Peter Gotzche: Deadly MEDICINES and Organized CRIME How big pharma has corrupted healthcare