Psychiatry + Big Pharma = Deceit

In 2009, Fox News aired a story that blew the lid off of the corrupted world of psychiatric medicine with how the pharmaceutical industry is pushing dangerous psychotropic drugs on to the unsuspecting public.

But Nobody Listened

It’s now 2013, and the Death, Violence, and damage to people has continued to escalate at an alarming rate. This coincides with sales, through misleading information, and off-label prescribing.

Because of Big Pharma’s scam of Death for Profit, along with Dr. Kooikers’ greed fueled deception of our family and manipulation of our daughter just to sell her an intentionally mislabeled antidepressant, on March 27th, 2012, our son became another casualty.

It’s time to acknowledge the Truth and make your voice be heard.

They have found a way to allow medical professionals to Lie to you about what they are prescribing with No Consequence or Liability when the results become Damaging or Deadly.

DON’T Blindly Trust Your Doctor!

DON’T Trust the Bottles Label!

DON’T Become the Next Victim!

3 thoughts on “Psychiatry + Big Pharma = Deceit

  1. This is the sister of the man, the brother, the friend, the son and angel, Jonathan Midlo. Who I’d like to tell you was, such an angel, a real EMT medical professional, who really cared about the lives and wellfare of the patients and public and their safety. He worked everyday of his life to ensure their safety, all thoughout his schooling career at Anoka Technical College that he graduated from with honors. On the job that he was just finishing up his training for in paramedics and fire fighting, when he tragically lost his life to these so called medical professionals, and their medical malprictices and mislable doping of innocent men and women like that of doctors like Dr. Ann Kookier. Who by no means are anywhere near comparable to that heart of a man and mental capability and care that was my Jonny. He was the most beautiful part of my life. I’d like to tell you how much it hurt me to loose a man like him, who was so close to my heart and is so deserving of this kind of career. He is still here watching over us, my brother, our angel, Jonathan Midlo. Thankyou, Angela Midlo

  2. After reading Big Pharma and Deceit, and seeing Douglas Kennedy’s report, I’d like to tell you a little bit about these drugs and what happened to me. I, like Lynn Michael’s, was on an antipsychotic, Saphris, and an antidepressant called Citalopram, also known as Celexa. I was actually on two antidepressants. Due to the lack of consideration of the facts that are so very important, 1) being the fact that it was an antidepressant, 2) that it has severe warnings, and 3) the manipulation, on the part of Dr. Ann Kookier who prescribed it, It was Trazodone.
    I was given a drug under false pretenses. It was given to me as a sleeping pill, and labeled as such. I should like to say, mislabeled. For as much as it should and must, it didn’t say on the bottle that it was a antidepressant, nor was I told that it was. Antidepressants such as these carry large warnings of violence, homicide, and suicide, and are very dangerous. All medications that have these extreme side effects, carry a black box warning label on them and must be labeled as so. Yet mine were not. Being that I wasn’t told this by my doctor, Ann Kookier, either, I was unaware of these risks and I was unable to tell my family about them, so that they were aware. Tragically my brother Jon’s life was taken beause of these malpractices, lies, and manipulations, and the reaction to this medication,by suicide. I like Lynn, and hopefully many others, have finally safely gotten off these medications. I did have to wean myself off slowly, like it mentioned in the report. Otherwise there could be adverse effects and extreme adverse effects such as suicide, by abruptly going off of these drugs. But I’d like to say happily, that it went well because I did it that way. It seems that the drugs were causing most of my problems mentally. I am feeling much safer and finally actually healthy, without them. I want people to be aware of the way the doctors are prescribing these medications falsely and that they are being given out at the pharmacies without the severe warnings. I can’t stress enough the importance of the outlined three statements above,
    DON’T Blindly Trust Your Doctor!

    DON’T Trust the Bottles Label!

    DON’T Become the Next Victim!
    Thank you, Angela Midlo

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