Speak Out

This section is for you to be heard and join the battle to stop this greed driven epidemic that is killing so many people in this country and around the world throughout all levels of social stature, ethnic background, race, and religion. It is destroying the ethics, morals and principles of what it means to be not only a Doctor, but what it means to be an American.

We must stop hiding our heads in the sand, acknowledge the truth, unite as one people as we did when faced with world war two and save our nation from this greed driven holocaust. Thereby, doing so based on our God given inalienable rites, we can be the catalyst that will spread throughout the world, thus saving the lives and anguish of millions.

There are five drop down menus above under the Speak Out tab to choose from. We implore you, for the sake of humanity, to let your voice be heard as a catalyst for these life saving changes.

We also encourage you to Email us at jonnyslaw.org@q.com with your ideas and strategies so that as one people, we can make Jonnys-Law not just an effort, but a reality, both for those being damaged and dying daily but also in remembrance of the ones we’ve loved and lost, along with those forced to live on with this senseless avoidable loss.