The Drugging of Our Military

This page is for the Medical Professionals, Parents, Spouses, and Loved Ones of the Military Personnel that have Made the Choice to Put their Lives on the Line to Protect Us and Our Nation

Shortly after our son’s suicide death after unknowingly taking the antidepressant Trazodone, labeled as a sleeping pill, I had placed myself in a VA hospital program with a fairly large group of our young war veterans who had recently fought in our more recent military actions.

I believe it to be unfortunate that most I had talked to about this were on psychotropic medications, some on several, but at least they were in a controlled environment with their conditions being monitored while in the program, but it’s what was going to happen after the few weeks there that worried me. They knew of my past severe adverse reactions to these drugs along with  my son having taken his own life and that other than Tylenol, Trazodone was the only drug found in his system, so I wasn’t given these drugs.

What is also important to note is that this was a new program that was more focused on cognitive and talk therapy than just drugging them. I believe that the VA system was beginning to see the growing problem, and at least trying new ways, along with their system of cure through psychotropic drugging.

Since then, I have have talked with a large number of military personnel. Many who were being given psychotropic drugs to treat them for PTSD and or pain from injuries sustained in combat. Some who believed that they were helping, but many who felt or admitted that they were feeling more violent or suicidal and hopeless.

I have also had several conversations with a friend who is finally out after serving three tours in Afghanistan, who survived being tapped twice with an AK-47 , being injured by an IED and  being Ambushed and trapped with many of the men under him being killed while serving as an Army  Ranger. He told me that it was common practice to give soldiers Adderall and antidepressants before sending them out to fight and drugs to help them sleep when they came back, with all this being considered proper medical treatment. He himself never would do it, and now that he is back although having developed PTSD, still won’t do their drugs and considers his time talking with other vets more helpful than talking with the psychiatric people that have never been through combat.

Please check this highlighted link I’ve titled The Truth Behind Military Suicides and check the section titles “The U.S. Military and Psychotropic Drugs” on our Links Page.

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