Wake-Up $$$ They’re Destroying Our Children Now To Increase Their Bottom Line $$$

These Drug Dealers decided that there is much more Profit to be made by Re-Defining being a child with all their inquisitiveness, mischievous actions, and rowdy behavior, which are all a part of the developing mind, as being a form of Mental Dis-function or Disease, they can make Millions more in profits. They are now pumping our children with amphetamines and antidepressants while deceiving the people into thinking that they are curing them of some disabling dis-function or disease of the mind. Wake-Up people! The Only Thing they are Curing them of Is Childhood!

This song by Chill E. B. called Define Better tells it like it is.

You should also check out his song called Prove It that you can go to from this YouTube page.