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In this section it would be Helpful and Important to include what your Home State and past or current job or en-devour in life is. Remember it’s We The People and we All, from the Food Server to the Corporate CEO have an Equal right to Speak Out for this Vital change And Be Heard


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  1. Unstuck, this book will challenge the prevailing “medical model” of depression and the widespread, even epidemic, use of antidepressants. This narrow model of diagnosis and treatment insists that those who feel helpless and hopeless, unhappy and uncertain, have a disease, like insulin dependent diabetes, that requires a pharmacologic treatment. I’ll offer you evidence that strongly suggests that this model is poorly justified, largely inappropriate, limited and limiting, and, often enough dangerous to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The antidepressants that it dictates should be used seldom, as a last resort-and not as a form of primary care. Unstuck by James S. Gordon, MD ~Angela

  2. A Psychiatrist, above all others, should live by the morals and ethics that the Hippocratic oath entails, because they have the lives of the most vulnerable in there hands, and treat the part of our body that controls the basis of our humanity.
    A psychiatrist is like a psychologist on steroids. That is to say that they are so highly trained that they have a superior level of ability not only in talk therapy (to seek out and aid the patient in dealing with the social or personal life stressors that may be the issue) but also the medical training, ( to be able to test for the wide range of metaphysical problems that could be presenting themselves as mental disorders) thus putting DIAGNOSIS 1st . Then and only then (as the last resort) attempting the use of what is the most dangerous class of drugs, with the understanding that the lack of close monitoring not only could, but has, does, and will in the future result in possible Worsening of the Condition along with Permanent Damage and even the Death of their patient.
    To the Psychiatrists out there who live by and practice these principles, I applaud and thank you!

    To those who have fallen to the propaganda and deception of those in the drug industry that put profit before the wellbeing of humanity, don’t be reduced to mere drug dealers!
    I beg you to Please open your eyes and hearts to these principles and embrace them!

    To those who reject these ideals and place the money they can make before the safety and wellbeing of their patients, with their 15 minute prescription appointments, just so they can live in luxury,
    To you I say quit and find another job where the vulnerable don’t end up in your unethical hands!

  3. Victims around the globe are on to this horrible holocaust that is taking place with these drug makers. The government, insurance companies, drug makers, life insurance companies, health insurance companies and judges are all in on it. They know that they are amaking money off of the lives of others. Justice will prevail. God is also aware of this horrible injustice that some of the very people who swear by oath, are guilty of. We need to start with the FDA. They are responsible for the well being of their own Military, vets, and citizens.

    • Julie all that you say is so TRUE. I along with so many others who have witnessed or have lived with the tragedies caused by the corruption and failure of these systems need our voices to be heard, not only to be heard, but action to be taken to put a stop to this. The problem is that Big Pharma has deceived so many good people with in our government and medical professions into becoming part of their criminal enterprise that they would now have to admit their own guilt for their part in allowing this to be done to humanity. There has to be a way to allow those who have been played by Big Pharma to be given some level of immunity thus giving them the courage to speak out at the highest levels of government. Just as in Jesus’ parable where those who have placed themselves at the head of the table (Big Pharma) will be disgraced and moved to the least place at the table or in this case, better yet, a jail cell.

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