I Did Not Want Trazodone

Dr. Kooiker prescribed Trazodone after I said I didn’t need or want it in December. Dr. Nelson the psychiatrist I had before, had listened to me and stopped giving me Trazodone and changed my diagnosis to some kind of schizophrenia and was giving me a new drug that is helping and also works almost too good for sleeping.

I never even knew that Trazodone was an antidepressant. I thought it was a sleeping pill and that the Citalopram was the antidepressant.

At my appointment on June 13, 2012 after my brother’s death, she still insisted that it be keep on my list of medications although my mother and I said we didn’t want it in our house. She said it was up to me to not pick it up at the pharmacy which doesn’t make any sense.  Like it was my fault that the Trazodone was in our house when she was the one that got me to pick it up even though I told her I didn’t want it.

Jennifer Disney, my psychologist, said she had talked to my psychiatrist and let me know I needed to pick it up. She gave me a note to go back to Dr. Kooiker and get the prescription to take to the pharmacy and get the Trazodone.

I’ve since read on the computer that Trazodone is not good to be given to patients with Schizophrenia and had given me a lot of bad side effects, including angry, violent, and erratic behavior.

Dr. Nelson, my psychiatrist I had right before Dr. Kooiker, set up an agreement with my mom to know what pills I’m prescribed and bringing in my house. I had to change psychiatrists and Dr. Kooiker said she wasn’t given that information although we were told my complete file was sent to her. She should have known and she prescribed Trazodone in December after I’d been diagnosed with schizophrenia!

She didn’t notify my mom when my parents were under the understanding that that drug wasn’t supposed to be in this house. Then my psychologist told me I needed to pick it up.

We now have an agreement with Dr. Kooiker in writing which is too late to save my brother.

I haven’t needed Trazodone for years, and I have expressed that to my doctors, so there was no reason to prescribe that drug any longer. Dr. Kooiker refused to take Trazodone off my list of prescribed medications, even though I refused to take the medication, and then she said it was up to me to choose not to pick it up at the pharmacy, which doesn’t make any sense.

Written by Angela Midlo

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