Our Son Jonathan Midlo Still Lives

Jonathan Continues to Help and Save Lives

Our son, due to his deep desire to help others and save lives, became a registered donor, so that his chosen purpose in life could go on, even if his life did not.

Jons Liscence  1200 dpi

Even his car key tag was a visible sign, not only of his intent, but also as an outward statement to guide others to do the same.


Just a short time after his tragic death, we were contacted by Anne Petersen of the American Donor Services. At which time, even though he was 21 years old, they still graciously asked for our approval for his wishes to be carried out. Knowing what this meant to him, we had no desire to stand in his way.

We then received for our son, this posthumously awarded certificate of commendation from the office of the Governor.


Then on April 12th, the American Donor Services sent us a thank you letter along with this commemorative medallion. Although painful and heartbreaking, it is a source of pride in our son and the choices he had made.


In January, we honored Jonathan with a personalized rose dedication placed on the 2013 Donate Life Rose Parade Float in the 124th Tournament of Roses Parade. This years theme for the float was called “Journeys of the Heart”. We hope that the tens of millions of viewers would be inspired to save lives, just as Jon decided to do. Our dedication that was placed with Jon’s rose is shown below.

8344355990_690734fa23_b In Honor of Jonathan Robert Midlo. Our son Jonnybob Lived his life to help others, Planned to spend his life saving others as an EMT firefighter, Died a tragic death, yet in death, saved lives as a donor, With God’s help, will do so forever.

A year later, in the beginning of April, we received a phone call from Anne Petersen of the American Donor Services, during which she told us that there were 37 people so far whose lives have been saved or health restored with parts of Jonny. She said that only so much information about these people could be revealed to us but that she would send us what she could. This is the letter below.


Though his loss has changed us forever and the pain and heartbreak that we now live with, due to the reasons, and the way we lost our son, has destroyed the needed ability to Trust and Believe that the Psychiatrists and Doctors follow the Precepts of the Hippocratic Oath, to put our Lives and Safety  first.

We can, with pride in our son, go forward each day, with solace, knowing that because of his choice to be a donor, others have been saved, also knowing that our son, Jonathan Robert Midlo, is still alive as a part of 37 people.

For this my wife and I offer our thanks to all involved in this endeavor. With special thanks to those who have made this same choice to Become a life Saving Donor

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  1. Thank you for sharing this very personal, and heartfelt letter. Your son’s story really has had, an impact on me. May God bless you and your family.

    Sincerely, Jill S.

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